2nd Generation Rockland County Excavating Contractor

Rockland County NY's Excavation Experts Since 1968

Licensed & Bonded Second Generation Excavating Contractor

Kevin Stokes Excavating started as a small general excavation company back in the late 1960’s as a way of providing the good people of Rockland County, NY with a fair and reliable excavator contractor option. 50 years and thousands of excavating projects later, Kevin Stokes Excavating is still going strong, and we’ve added a wide range of specialized excavating services to serve you better than ever.

When you hire Kevin Stokes Excavating you’re getting so much more than a group of guys with some heavy equipment. Each and every excavating project we perform is backed by five decades of on-the-job experience and a “we’ve seen everything” level of expertise. Having your property dug up is no small thing, so we understand how important it is for you to have the peace of mind that your excavating project will be executed in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

All work is performed to the highest standards to ensure everyting will be up to code, pass inspections, and in full compliance with local utility specifications. We’ve seen and corrected far too much inferior excavation work over the years, and know the needless hassle and expense it can cost home and business owners, to ever let the same thing happen to you.


If we can dig it, we can do it! Kevin Stokes Excavating offers a full range of excavation services to the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors.

Sewer line excavation projects are one of our specialties. Our sewer line services include excavation for pipe repair, replacement or new installation.

Our water line excavation services protect foundations from and landscaping from leaky pipes while ensuring the integrity of the incoming water supply.

Protect your property from groundwater saturation. Our waterproofing and drainage solutions create positive outflow to safeguard your foundation.

Sometimes waterproofing is only half the battle. Now that water is sealed out, it has to be channeled away from the structure to a catch basin or dry well.

Without a proper sump pump diversion, your home will not comply with codes or be able to pass home inspection. Let us help you solve this problem.

Old heating oil tanks not only pose a health and safety issue, they also make code compliance and passing home inspection impossible. We can help!

Out with the old, or in with the new, Kevin Stokes Excavating is your Septic System expert. Services include old tank removal and new system installations.

Need it torn down and taken away? We are Rockland County’s demo experts, with the heavy equipment and haul away capabilities you require.