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Demolition & Hauling Services in Rockland County, NY

We Can Tear It All Down and Haul It All Away!

Home demolition is done for a variety of reasons depending on the particular circumstances that call for demolition. In some cases ,the new owner of a lot may need to remove an old or condemned house for new construction or development purposes. In other instances the existing owner may want to build a new home in place of their old one. Whatever your reasons for home demolition may be, you can be sure that Kevin Stokes Excavating has the right demolition knowledge, equipment and haul away capabilities to get the job done safely and correctly, so you can start your property improvement project with a clean slate.

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Home Demolition Rockland County NY

Home Demolition Service

Using industrial grade excavator equipment, Kevin Stokes Excavating will execute the systematic tear-down and demolition of the structure. Any and all precautions will be taken to protect the integrity of the lot itself.

All necessary safety and environmental precautions will be followed to the letter. In cases where a structure contains hazardous building materials such as asbestos, the demolition process will be continually watered down to prevent the dispersal of potentially harmful airborne contaminants.

Please note that confirmation of all utility shut-off’s will be required in advance. These safety measures are taken to protect our workers from possible harm, and to ensure that your demolition project will go off without a hitch.

Demolition Debris Removal Rockland County NY

Demo Debris Hauling

All demolition debris will be loaded into roll-off containers throughout the course of the demolition. These “roll-off containers” are like extra-large dumpsters which can be loaded onto a flatbed truck for quick and easy removal of the demolition debris from your property.

Once the debris has been hauled away, it will be disposed of in accordance with all federal, state, and local disposal guidelines.

With the structure demolished and your lot clear of any debris you will now be free to proceed with any new construction plans you may have for the property. Kevin Stokes Excavating always strives to make the demolition and removal process as quick and easy as it can possibly be.