Sump Pump Diversion Rockland County NY

Sump Pump Diversion Services in Rockland County, NY

Is your Sump Pump sending water to the wrong place? We Can Help!

Many older Sump Pumps send water into the city sewer. While that may seem to work fine for you, it’s important to know that if your Sump Pump diverts water into your town’s sanitary sewer system, it is in direct violation of current plumbing codes!

What that means exactly is this: your home will NOT pass inspection while it contains a Sump Pump that diverts water to the wrong place. If the time comes you want to sell your home, a Home Inspector will not give you the green light to do so until this issue has been properly and professionally resolved.

We are well versed when it comes to correcting improper Sump Pump Diversions. Kevin Stokes Excavating will take the following course of action to rectify the issue with your Sump Pump’s water diversion, so you home can pass inspection that much easier:

  1. PUMP EXCAVATION: This important first step removes your exiting pump line from the city sewer.
  2. PUMP RE-ROUTE: We then install a new diversion system that will carry pumped water into your town’s storm drain or a dry well – and well clear of your city’s sewer system!
  3. READY FOR INSPECTION! With those steps complete, your home’s Sump Pump will now be in compliance with current city, town, and municipality plumbing codes, and you will be able to move forward with other more important aspects of the home-selling process.

If you know (or suspect) that your Sump Pump’s water diversion system isn’t up to code, please call Kevin Stokes Excavating as soon as possible. It’s not a problem you want when trying to close a real estate deal. Taking care of the issue today will save you unnecessary headache and hassle down the road. However, if you are in a rush to have this issue resolved, we will be happy to help you to the best of our abilities in that case as well.